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Creative Nonfiction/Memoir


I was dictating stories to my grandmother and mother well

before I could write.  My father brought an Atari 2600 into

the house when I was five. I saw Robotech/Macross for the first time in the mid-80s. It's no wonder I ended up a writer and a geek. I'm also an editor and a narrative designer/game writer.  I've been a composition instructor in traditional and online classrooms, a writing center tutor, and a writing mentor.


From anime and manga, to languages and voice acting, to

reality TV and sports, I have lots of interests, and I like analyzing them to bits--online and off.


Which is why I made a career of professional studenthood.

That ended when I got a Ph. D. in literature and creative



I travel several months out of the year to speak at conferences and give workshops on narrative design and game writing. 


I own Schnoodle Media, LLC. If you're interested in my

writing, game design, and editing services, please contact me!

Academic and Encyclopedic Writing

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